71-75 The Esplanade, Cairns
365 days a year
365 days a year
Shops: 5pm-11pm
Food: 10am-11pm
Massage: 12pm-11pm

Did you forget to put money in the parking meter and received a ticket?

Pay your parking fine now with PayPal!

  • Make sure to type in parking ticket number and your vehicle's registration - without this information we might not find your payment
  • If you're paying within 7 days from the ticket date, select $55 in the form below
  • If your ticket is already overdue, choose $98
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Alternatively, you can make a bank cheque payable to Reefchange Pty Ltd and mail it to PO Box 2411 Cairns Queensland 4870.


  1. You must:
    • (a) at all times display a valid:
    • (i) pass on the dashboard or other place of your vehicle so that it is clearly visible to a person outside of the vehicle; or
    • (ii) ticket on the dashboard of your vehicle so that the date and time of expiry printed on the ticket is clearly visible to a person outside of the vehicle; and
    • (b) not transfer a pass or ticket to any other person; and
    • (c) comply with all signs and notices displayed in this car park; and
    • (d) park your vehicle wholly within a marked bay or as directed by the Manager; and
    • (e) not park in a bay marked RESERVED unless you have obtained prior written permission from the Manager; and
    • (f) not park in a disabled or handicapped person's bay without displaying in the manner described in clause 1(a) a current disability permit issued by an approved government state or territory issuer. AND a valid ticket;
    • (g) not park in any area other than a marked bay unless directed by the Manager.
  2. A pass is valid only when issued to you by Reefchange Pty Ltd and you comply with the terms and conditions applicable to its issue.
  3. A ticket is valid only when:
    • (a) Purchased from a ticket vending machine located in this car park; and
    • (b) the date and time of expiry printed on the ticket is legible and the ticket is not altered or obscured in any way; and
    • (c) the ticket has not expired.
  4. lf you breach any of the terms and conditions in clause 1, then in respect of each breach you agree to pay to the Manager a parking fee of $55.00. You further agree that the Manager may give notice of a claim for a parking fee by affixing a tax invoice to your vehicle.
  5. lf the parking fee referred to in clause 4 is not paid by the due date stated on the tax invoice, then an amount of $43.00 will be charged for costs to the Manager’s associated with recovering the parking fee. If the parking fee plus recovery cost remains unpaid for a further 7 days after the due date then the manager may take legal action to recover the same. In that event you further agree to pay legal costs of $55.00 for the Manager's lawyers to demand payment and to indemnify the Manager in respect of all other legal costs and disbursements incurred by the Manager to recover the parking fee and associated recovery costs.
  6. The Manager may at any time request that you leave and/or remove your vehicle from this car park if you:
    • (a) breach any of these terms and conditions; or
    • (b) disturb, inconvenience or injure any person or damage any property or vehicle in the car park or cause or permit any of those things to occur; AND you agree to immediately comply with that request.
  7. You irrevocably consent to the Manger removing your vehicle by the use of a towing provider for a breach of these terms and conditions. You agree that the Manager shall be under no obligation to release the vehicle unless you have:
    • (a) remedied the breach (s) or, at the request of the manager, provided identification in the form of a current driver’s licence or vehicle registration notice relating to your vehicle; and
    • (b) paid a removal fee of $400.00 to the Manager.
  8. You must remove all valuables from your vehicle and secure it when unattended. The Manager does not represent or warrant that secure parking is available in this car park and shall not under any circumstances be responsible for any loss or damage to or theft of your vehicle or its contents.
  9. The Manager shall not under any circumstances be liable or responsible for any injury, loss or damage to person or property, whether arising in bailment, contract or tort or otherwise how so ever described and all injury, loss and damage to any person or property is at the sole risk of persons entering in and/or leaving their vehicles in this car park.
  10. You agree to indemnify the Manager against any and all claims, costs, demands, expenses and legal proceedings what so ever and how so ever described, incurred or suffered by the Manager arising out of your breach of these terms and conditions your negligence or the use of this car park to park your vehicle.
  11. No person other than the Managing Director or the Manager has authority to vary, waive or excuse compliance with any of these terms and conditions.
  12. The Manager agrees that your vehicle may remain in this car park provided that you do not breach any of the abovementioned terms and conditions.
  13. In these terms and conditions “Manager” means Reefchange Pty Ltd (A.B.N. 62 066 650 020) and includes its authorised agents, contractors, employees, successors and assigns.

The Cairns Night Markets

71-75 The Esplanade (opposite the lagoon)

365 days a year

  • Food: 10am - 11pm
  • Massage & Beauty: 12pm - 11pm
  • Shopping: 5pm - 11pm


License #: 3116272


Come and visit the World Famous Cairns Night Markets & Food Court, there is something for everyone. Licensed restaurant's for a cold beer or a glass of wine with your dinner from the menu food court choices. We even have a good choice of Chinese massages operating from 12 noon every day to make the aches and pains of all the Night Time Shopping just disappear.

Open every day of the year from 5pm in the Night Markets or 10am in the Food Court till late. We never close. We are the first Night Markets in Australia. Our shops often change, so although you may have visited us in the past call in again and you may be surprised what we have on offer from our 70 plus markets shops for some great last minute shopping before you fly out of Cairns.

To find accommodation nearby the Cairns Night Markets, visit Hotelscombined.


We have 131 locations in the complex, trading is 7 days per week and we promote the Night Markets across Australia and overseas. The advertising that the Night Markets does give traders the extra promotional exposure they would normally find cost prohibitive.

For those traders wishing to establish a retail business in the World Famous Night Markets and Food Court, we attract 2.7 million people annually.